The Vanishings (Part one)

The Ring Lady


Even 1997’s infamous chicken pox outbreak* caused less of an endemic than the vanishings.

(*After a popular conviction that chickens were the culprits left the clucking race on the brink of extinction, a senate in despair passed 1998’s Emergency Chicken Conservation Act).

However, like a school yard craze that’s slow to catch on, the vanishing bus stop process was gradual. To one who assumed there was an Omni-present culprit, it would have appeared that they enjoyed causing rational bus catchers to doubt their sanity.

Ultimately nonetheless, it seemed that the thief (if there was a thief) had tired of this stage; after the 68th bus user was admitted for psychiatric examination for claiming bus stop removal conspiracy gripped the nation, the pace of the process tripled. The rapid increase in OAP’s circumnavigating the country in search of misplaced stops even made the six o’clock news. However, only when a…

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