Programming on the Toilet

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Eat. Sleep. Code.

It’s 5PM. I’ve been working on the same code for hours, grinding out an implementation one line at a time. It’s been a torturous process. Some days, code just naturally flows from my brain to my fingertips. This is not one of those days.

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Acharya Narmaada K.R.Das


Acharya Narmaada K.R.Das

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Africa: Where the Colors Don’t Fade

In A Search of Balance

You know how they say you leave your heart in Africa? How this wildly contrasting place gets to you and you keep revisiting your steps, toying with the idea of going back? How you find yourself looking around your home afterwards and wondering how people take so many things for granted, forgetting to enjoy the little things that make their day? Well, they were right.

It’s very hard to put in words what this place does to you (and I’m not the best of writers anyway), but you can’t just ease back effortlessly into your old life and habits. It changes you a bit, as cliche as it may sound, especially if you give into the experience and life instead of gliding on the surface. It’s enough to see the genuine smiles on the little kids’ faces who are eager to talk to you or the richness of colors and…

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